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Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish

The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish is also known as the 'South Seas Devil Damsel fish' or Village Belle'. It is found naturally in the South pacific ocean. The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish is blue with a yellow belly and can grow up to 3 inches in length. The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish is a very hardy fish and have an attractive personality.

Adult females can be identified by yellow tips on the spine tipped dorsal fins.

Fiji Blue Devil Damsel Fish

The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish is known to eat algae as part of their main diet.

The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish are known for their ferocious and territorial behaviour.

These fishes can defend a territory up to 16 feet across. The territory usually includes feeding and spawning sites and a shelter for protection from predators.

A Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish defends its territory against fish that compete for similar environments, such as butterfly fish and surgeon fish, even if they are much larger. However, it generally ignores less competitive species like bass and groupers.

Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish stay close to the coral reef, often darting into dark crevices to hide from predators. Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish can remain in the same colony for up to two years.

When kept in an aquarium, Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish should have a tank of 30 gallons or larger. As aquarium fish, keep only one per tank with plenty of region to hide and swim, unless in a large tank or in male/female pairs. It is aggressive towards other Damsels, and should not be kept with peaceful or docile fish, as they can be very belligerent towards it tank mates.

The tank used should have the coral and rock plants so that these can hide and swim. The Fiji Blue Devil Damsel fish is ideal for a reef aquarium.

Diet in the aquarium should consist of a variety of meaty foods, including brine shrimp and mysid shrimp, frozen herbivore preparations and flakes. Vitamin-enriched foods will help to keep their colouration bright.

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Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish Classification

C. taupou
Binomial Name
Chrysiptera taupou
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