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Dolphin Anatomy

  • Beak - the elongated part of the mouth and jaws.

  • Blowhole - the hole on the top of the head through which the dolphin breathes air (it is the dolphins nostril).

  • Dorsal fin - the fin on the upper side of the body.

  • Ear - hearing organs located on the head behind the eye.

  • Eye - sight organs located on the head.

  • Fluke - one half of the tail.

  • Flipper - one of a pair of wide, flat forelimbs that is used for swimming.

  • Median notch - the indentation between the two flukes.

  • Melon - the rounded structure in the top of the dolphins head just in front of the blowhole.

  • Toothed-beak - bottom part of the beak that contains the teeth.

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