Dragonfly Anatomy

Below is the external anatomy of an adult Dragonfly.

Dragonfly Anatomy

Below is the external anatomy of a Dragonfly Larvae

Dragonfly Larvae

  • abdomen - The segmented tail-like section of the body.

  • antennae - A pair of sensory organs on top of the head.

  • cercus - The outer pair of anal appendages on anisopteran larvae.

  • costa - Major vein running along the leading edge of the wings.

  • epiproct - The middle anal appendage on anisopteran larvae.

  • femur - The first segment of the leg.

  • frons - The most prominent part of the face in anisopteran dragonflies.

  • lateral spine - Spine on the side of anisopteran larvae.

  • pterostigma - A coloured, chitinous patch on the outer region of each wing.

  • tarsus - The three segments and a claw on the end of the leg.

  • thorax - The segment of the body between the head and the abdomen.

  • tibia - The second section of the leg.

  • wing node - A notch halfway along the leading edge of the wing.

  • wing sheath - A protective case for the wings.

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