Pet Fun

Hamster Jokes

Where does a hamster go on holiday?
- Hamsterdam!

When do hamsters hide when its raining?
- When it rains cats and dogs!

What do you call a hamster that can lift a hippo?
- Sir Hamster!

Rabbit Jokes

What are four hundred rabbits hopping backwards?
- A receding hare line.

How do you catch a unique rabbit?
- U-nique upon it!

How do you know carrots are good for your sight?
- You don't see rabbits wearing glasses!

What do rabbits do after getting married?
- Go on their bunnymoon!

What do you get if you cross and a rabbit and an insect?
- Bugs Bunny!

What is a rabbit's favourite game?
- Hopscotch!

Mouse Jokes

What is small and furry and brilliant with a sword?
- A Mouseketeer!

What mouse was a roman emperor?
- Julius Cheeser!

What do mice do around the house?
- Mouse-work!

What kind of musical instruments do mice like to play?
- Mouse-organs!

When do mice need oiling?
- When they squeak!

What do rodents say when playing bingo?
- Eyes down for a full mouse!

What does a 20 pound mouse say to a cat?
- Here kitty kitty!

Who is the largest mouse in the world?
- E. Norm Ouse

Rodent Cartoons

I'm gonna find it if it takes all day!
Best drummer around!
Bored rabbit!
No! I can resist temptation!
Smells goooood to me!

And now for our resident band.......

The Mousy Band

song - Mouse Boogie

Mousey Band


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